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MEN OI-- CANADA.   267

JOHN H. MOORE of the firm of

Bowman &_ Aloore, Hamilton, eldest son of Charles 1loore, Esq., of Grimsby, Out., «-as born there on 23rd of August, 1845. He is a descendant of U. E. Loyalists, his great grandfather having come to this country- about the year 1790- He was educated at the Grimsby Grammar School, and, after completin(, his studies in 1866, weiit to St. Catherines, where he spent two years as all apprentice ill the hardware business. He came to Hamilton ill 1,S68 and completed his apprenticeship by serving one year with what was then one of the leading hardware firms of that city. In 1,)69 he went into business with a partner under the style of Bowman & Moore, -' hich

partnership still exists. There are very few firms no , in e -1st n that 1-0-2x1

~~   e ee   a`

at the above mentioned date.

During these years the hardware trade has seen maiiv fluctuations, but this firm has more than held its own, doing business on a straightforward and sound basis, taking ill all improvements, purchasing in the best markets from reliable manufacturers, and al-ways providing the best for their nuiiierous patrons, until to-day it holds the proud position of, not only being the leading hardware house in Hamilton, but also in Western Canada. The firm make a speciality of builders and con-tractor's supplies, nails, agricultural tools, paints, oils, beltings, and windowzlass in all its various thicknesses. In

this latter line they are amongst the largest importers in Ontario. They are also widely known and appreciated by men engaged in the cabinet manufacturing business, for there is no firm in the province that has so large and complete an assortment of cabinet makers' hardware as this house is compelled to carry in order to supply their extensive trade. Mr. Moore has been a member of the Centenary Methodist Church for over twenty years, is a member of the Board of Trustees, and also the Quar-

terly Board.   In politics he is an
active Reformer.


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