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266   1IEN OF' CANADA.

B.A., pastor of Knox Presby-
terian Church, Goderich,
Ont., son of the Rev. John Anderson,
of Tiverton, was born on the 9th of
February, 1S53, in the township of
Napean, County of Carleton, Ont. He
received his education at the public
schools of Ontario, Kincardine High
School, Ottawa Collegiate Institute,
and McGill University, Montreal. He
matriculated at the latter, taking a
scholarship in 1873 and graduating
B.A. in 18i7. In the fall of 1877 he
entered the Presbyterian College, Mont-
real, to prosecute his theological studies.

He took the honor course

for two years, and secured

a scholarship in each year.

T-   He graduated in r SSo as

Valedictorian of his class.

He was ordained and in-

ducted into the pastoral

charge of AVhitechurch,

County of Bruce, on the

7th of October, 188o, hav-

ing declined other calls pre-

sented to hint at the same

time. After a pastorate of

three years, he received a

call to Elora, which he de-

clined, and afterwards, in

ISSS, accepted a call to his A1►   present charge, as colleague

and successor to the Rev.

Dr. Ure, one of the most

accomplished and able min-

isters of the Presbyterian

Church. Early in the year

.;   1891 Dr. Ure, on account of

failing health, was coin-

;%   pelled to resign, when Mr.

Anderson assumed full

charge of this large and

important congregation, and

filled the important vacancy

with much acceptance to

the people. Mr. Anderson is an earnest temperance advocate, and a pronounced prohibitionist. He is one of the most prominent and promising preachers of Western Ontario, an earnest and successful evangelist, and has been blessed by large additions to his ministry wherever he has labored. The town of Goderich, where he is settled, commands a very large and thickly settled community of Presbyterians, where his influence and labors are highly appreciated. Mr. Anderson was married on the 26th of April, 1882, to Miss C. Isabel, daughter of Hugh Masson, of Billings' Bridge, Ottawa.


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