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NIEN O1` L:A_A1)A.   265

THOS. C. WATKINS, Hamilton, Out., was born August 9th, 1818,

at   Parsonstowii, King's

County, Ireland. He is descended from Welsli oil the one side, and from the Scottish Covenanters on the other side, and is the proud possessor of a Bible printed in 1648, which descended to him through a long line of Scotch ancestors. His parents emigrated to Canada before he was a year old, and settled iii Esgnesing township, Halton County. Here the subject of our sketch received such an education as the schools of those days afforded, but having athirst for knowledge, and being possessed of indomitable energy and perseverance, he succeeded in obtaining a first-class education. He remained on the farm with his father until he was twenty-two rears of age. He commenced teaching school in

1841, and taught for two

years. After giving up the teaching profession, he worked oil a farin for a time, and then engaged in mercantile business,inwhich lie has been eminently successful. Mr. Watkins is a member of the Methodist Church, and has held most of the offices that laymen are appointed to in that deiiomiiiation, as well as being_ a delegate to the General Conference. He is a total abstainer from the use of tobacco and alcoholic liquors, and has been a staunch life-long advocate of prohibition, and hopes to see this act passed by the Dominion of Canada before he passes away. He has had published some two hundred

and sixty thousand tracts on the temperance question for free distribution, and intends to run them into the millions as fast as he can compose them. These tracts will no doubt have a very great influence, and do much to hasten the prohibitory act in Canada. Mr. Watkins has been a great traveller, having visited the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Switzer-land, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and other parts. He was married on May 24, 1844, to Elizabeth Ann Murchison. His successful life fully illustrates the power of an honest purpose to succeed.


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