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264   MEN OF CA-Nava.

Office Inspector, of
Barrie, Out., was
born November 29, 1835,
in the township of Marl-
borough, Carlton Colony,
Out. He received his edn-
cation at the public schools
in his native county and at
the Alodel School, Toronto.
On the completion of his
studies he was for a time in
a law and land office, then
turned his attention to mer-

cantile pursuits. He was
appointed to the Toronto
Post Office in 2854, where

he remained fifteen years, and was promoted from time

to time, until he was trans-

ferred in i869 to the Post

Office Savings Bank at Ot-

ta-,va. Soon afterwards, ow-

ing to ill-health, he was

obliged to resign his posi-

tion in the Post Office De-

partment, when he engaged

in mercantile business in

Toronto, which he carried

on -until 1876, when he

received the appointment of

Post Office Inspector for the

East Toronto Division, and was transferred to the town of Barrie in 1879 and placed in charge of that postal division. Mr. Spry belongs to the Masonic body, and has filled various offices in that organization, including that of Grand Master. He is a Knight Templar and holds the office of Grand Chancellor in that order ; lie has also received the 33rd degree of the A. & A.S.R. He has taken part in military affairs, having served as ensign in the loth Royal Regiment and lieutenant in the Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto. He has been a director of the Toronto Home Building Association, vice-president of

the Toronto \Ieclianics' Institute, and president of the Mechanics' Institute, Barrie. He was also president of the Ontario Literary Society, Toronto, is a member of the Barrie Public School Board of Trustees, of which lie has been chairman. In religion he is an Episcopalian, and has been a delegate to the Synod of Toronto for a number of years past. Mr. Spry has been twice married—first, on the 3rd of May, 1859, to Miss Mary Jane Burgess, and again, on April 30th, 1867, to Miss Mary E., daughter of Chas. G. Fortier, of Sandwich, formerly Collector of In-land Revenue, Hamilton, Out.


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