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MEN OP C.ANAL)A.   263

Out., was born at Toronto
July 5th, 1846, being the second son of
the late Richard Woodsworth, architect
and builder of that place, who for forty
years was a local preacher in the
Methodist Church. He received his
education at the public schools and the
Model School, Toronto. At the age of
seventeen he took a position as clerk in
a nlercaiitile house, and after that be-
came a clerk in the office of the Canada
Permanent Building and Saving Society
of Toronto. Mr. Woods-\vorth was con-
verted when a young child, and became

a full member of the 1lethodist Church at eleven rears of age. He felt called to the sacred ministry early in life, and at the age of twenty--one consecrated him-self to the service of the Methodist Church. He was received as a probationer ill the Canada Conference in i86-. Before he was ordained he travelled the following circuits : Smithville, Aurora, Thorold, Chatham. He was ordained a minister at Belleville in 1871 by the late Rev. Dr. Wm. 'Morley Punshon, who was at that time president of the Methodist Conference. During his ministry Mr. Woods-worth served the churches at Wardsville, Ridgetown and Jarvis, then Ridgetow.L again. Afterwards he was appointed to Dundas, then Colborne Street Church, Brantford, from which he was removed to his present charge. The church build-

ings at Wardsville Both-

well, Ridgetown, Morpeth

and Colborne Street, Brantford, were

built under his administration. He is

one of the best financiers in the Aletho-

dist Church, and, indeed, has scarcely

a peer in the denomination for that

special work. He is also an earnest

Gospel preacher, a man of deep and

sterling piety and greatly beloved by

all, and especially by a large number

in the various churches who have been

led by him into a higher and nobler life.

He has held many prominent positions

in the gift of the Conference, and pos-

sesses the confidence of all his brethren.

He was married on the i rth of July,

187T, to 'Miss C1larlotte J. Bridgman.


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