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the Eagle Cultivator Mannfac-

turfing Company-, Brantford, Out., was born in the year 1S~4 in the County of Haldiinand, and was married in 1577 to Jennie P. Willoughby, fourth daughter of the late Rev. AV. Willoughby, a well-known pioneer Methodist minister, whose memory is held in esteem for his abundant labors in many parts of Ontario. He was educated in the public schools of the province. His father was one of the earliest settlers in the township of Oneida, and regarded by all who knew- hire as one of the best farmers in Ontario, and one of the most pronounced Re-

formers in the locality where he resided. Soon after leaving school, Mr. Hotchkiss entered the service of the Grand Trunk Railway at Caledonia as telegraph operator and ticket agent. After some three years service at this point, he was promoted to the Stratford ticket office, and on September 21st, 1577, was appointed as chief train despatcher for the Hamilton and North Western Railway at Hamil-   ~ ton. On Nov. 1st, iSSi, he removed to Battle Creek, Michigan, to accept the position of train despatcher on the Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway. After serving in this position for over a year, he became superintendent's secretary, and, after eighteen months, was again promoted to the responsible position of train master, which he held until August, 1SS7, when failing health compelled his resignation and his connection

with railroad work, in which lie had been so eminently successful. Mr. Hotchkiss then removed with his family to Brantford, and, after regaining his health, entered the manfacturing business as one of the partners of the Eagle Cultivator Company, and also manager of its agencies. Mr. Hotchkiss is a member of the Colborne Street 11lethodist Church, steward, Bible-class teacher, and also a most acceptable lay preacher. He is regarded by his numerous friends as a mail of the highest integrity and Christian character, and enjoys the full confi-Jence of all who know 111111.



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