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MEN OF LANAI )A.   261

Haluilton, Out., was born 30th
January, 1804, in Berwickshire,
Scotland. He received his education
at Greenlaw, in Berwickshire, and after-
wards worked on a farm from IS14 to
1828. He then started contracting for
large public grounds, landscape gar-
dening, etc., laying out among others
the extensive policies of Lord POlwarth
and the Duke of Roxburgh, and G.
Belle, Esq. In IS37 he started rail-
roading as foreman on the Leeds and
Thust Railway in the North of F,ng-
land, and was until 1852 employed
on all the principal railways in the

North of England and Scotland. Mr.

Weatherston then came to Canada and

accepted the responsible position of

Inspector and Superintendent under

George L. Reid, the Chief Engineer

oil the Great Western Railway. In a

letter received by Mr. AVeatherston

from Mr. Reid in 189o, he says : " You

are the only survivor of the chief track

and bridge inspectors whom I left oil

the line when I retired in 1S72. Wheii

I look back to the period when we had

so much anxiety from defective rails ill

the winter and spring months, during

many consecutive years, I feel that it

was to your vigilance and foresight and

unusual energy of charac-

ter that we were preserved

from serious accidents. I

was particularly fortunate in having as n1y chief practical helper one so thoroughly reliable and efficient." In 1575 Mr. Weatherston accepted a similar position on the Canada Southern Railway, which he held for five years. Ill 188o lie -\\-cut to Alichigan and built eighty miles of the Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railway, and afterwards became track superintendent on the Canadian Pacific Railway, until compelled by a serious accident to retire. Since that period he has been manager and lessee of the Hamilton and Dundas Railway, -,vhich he successfully conducts. Mr. Weatherston has been twice married,—first to Frances B. Hall in 1836, and next to Isabelle Scott in 1572. He is a member of the Masonic body. He is a Liberal in politics, and in reliQ-ion a Presbvterian.


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