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Glanford, was born April z 7th,
1532, in the township of
Goulbourn, Carleton County, Out. He
received his education at the public
school, supplemented by private study,
and afterwards received a first-class
certificate, on which he taught for a
time. He then entered Albert College,
and, on leaving it, again taught school.
At the age of twenty he united -,with
the 'Methodist Church, and began as a
local preacher, and was then received
into the regular ininistri• by the Niagara
Conference of the 'I.E. Church in the
year 1867, and, after a two years pas-

torate on the Maitland Circuit, lie was ordained a deacon by Bishop Richard-son at London in 1869. He then sup-plied Parkhill and afterwards Florence. He -\vas ordained an elder at Lynden in 1572, aiid since that time has been stationed at Highgate, Petrolia, Alvin-Stoll, Mount Elgin, Saltfleet, Troy, and, after the Methodist nnion, l SS6, at Louth and Grantham, Tintern, and his present charge at Glanford. For ten years he was treasurer of the Niagara Conference Missionary Society. He has always been a member of Alma College Board. He married, January 2, 1862, R. E. ~Voodhall, of Delaware township.


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