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256   MIEN ()F' CANA-13-Ak.

VERY REV. W.M. BERGIN, Dean of Barrie, Barrie, Out., was born November 16th, 1847, at Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland. He was educated in Ireland. He began his classic course at the Abbey, Tipperary, and completed his Latin and Greek course at the Diocesan College of his native diocese. After this he came to America and entered the Vincentian College at Cape Girardan, i\Iissouri, where he took a philosophical and theological course. Afterwards he joined the diocese of Toronto under the late Archbishop Lynch, and in 1868 entered the Seminary of St.

Sulpice, Montreal, %N-liere he completed his studies preparatory to entering the priesthood. In 187o he ,vas ordained priest at Lon-don, Out., by the present Archbishop. He was then appointed assistant at the Cathedral, Toronto, and at Barrie. In 1871 he be-came assistant priest at St. Catharines. Iii 1872 he «as appointed parish priest of Niagara, and subsequently lie became priest of F'los, Simcoe County. In 1877 he returned to Toronto and became econoine and assistant rector and chancellor at the Cathedral. In 1881 lie was appointed to St. Mary's Church, Toronto, where he remained for nearly six years. In i SS6 he became parish priest of Newmarket, and remained there until 1891, AN-hen lie received his present appointment, Dean of Barrie. While residing in Toronto he was financial secretary and treasurer of the Sepa-

rate School Board, during which time

inany clew schools were erected, and

through his instrumentality the City

Council issued debentures by «hick

the separate schools received money for

building purposes on the same prin-

ciple as the public schools received it.

During his ministration in the various

parishes debts were wiped out and the

different churches renovated, and fully

supplied with necessary articles of fur-

niture befitting the services of God.

During these years he has made three

trips to Europe, and was secretary to

the late Archbishop Lynch on his

journey of 1879 to Rome.


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