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MEN' OF C,, N_ ADA.   25,5


Toronto, was born

at Kilmalirs, Ayr-shire, Scotland, September 23rd, 1S52. He is a son of the late Captain Alex. Galt, of Kilmarnock, and grandson to and named after John Galt, of Irvine, relative of the Ayrshire novelist. He was educated at the Kil warn ock Academy, and, after obtaining a Government science scholar-ship, took a full university course, and graduated in engineering at the universities of Glasgow and Lon-don. For a time he followed hisprofession in Glasgow, being engaged in some of the large railway improveme11t schemes, and was also Superintendent and Lecturer in the Government science schools in Glasgow for several years. He came to the United States in 18; S, and was engaged in railway engineering on the Southern lines for three years. Iii iSSi he came to

Canada aiid accepted the position as general manager of the Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada, which position he held for four years. Since that time he has been engaged as consulting engineer, and has a very large and extensive business. He is considered one of the most reliable Hvdraulic and Sanitary engineers in the province. He is regarded as a high authority on all matters pertaining to his profession. He is an active member of the Canadian Institute of Civil Engineers, and for the past three years has held the position of Examiner in civil engineering

in the University of Toronto. In this new and rapidly developing country the profession of civil engineer is a most important one, dealing, as it does, with railways, canals, water works, and public improvements of all kinds. He does all kinds of engineering, furnishes plans and estimates for sewerage systems and eater works, and superintends their construction. Mr. Galt was married on October ist, 1884, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Thomas Webb, Lansdowne. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and in politics is a Liberal.


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