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L ANSON HARRIS, president of

A. Harris, Son & Co., Brant-

ford, Out., is a son of Rev. John Harris, a pioneer Baptist minister. He was boric on the 1st of April, 1816, near Ingersoll, Oxford County, Out. His boyhood days were divided between working on his father's bush farm and attending the public school. He commenced to work in a saw mill early in life. In 1847, in connection with his father, he built a saw mill in Brant County. He soon bought out his father's interest and did a thriving business. In 1857 he sold the inill and bought a foundry

ill Beamsville, Lincoln Co. Here he

developed that great inventive ability

and wonderful energy which has since

characterized him, and laid the foulida-

tion for one of the largest agricultural

manufacturing establishments on the

continent. In 1872 lie removed to

Brantford, having admitted his son

John and Mr. J. K. Osborne into the

business. Mr. Harris was converted at

a revival service held at Boston, Out.,

when eighteen years of age, and at

once joined the Baptist Church, of

which he has ever since been an honored

member. He has occupied nearly every

official position ill that denomination open to lay nleii. There are few 171en in the land who have given more money to the cause of Christ than Mr. Harris. The majority of the weaker Baptist churches in Ontario have felt the benefit of his warm heart and ample capital. He presented the church lot, costing $8,000, to the Walnler Road Baptist congregation, Toronto, of which the Rev. Elmore Harris, his son, is pastor. He also gave the building lot to the Sault Ste. Alarie Baptist Church. But his many benefactions cannot be enumerated in the short space of a page. He was married October i i, 1847, to Mary Morgan, of Beamsville, Out. Mr. and Mrs. Harris have had born to theni six sons and six daughters—only three of whon1 are still living, namely, the Rev. Elmore Harris, Mrs. Alfred Popplewell, and Thos. M. Harris, treasurer of A. Harris, Son & Co.


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