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Architect and Civil Engineer,

Hamilton, Out., third son of John Urpeth Rastrick, F.R.S. and M.S.C.E., Sayes Court, Surrey, Eng., was born at Westbromwitch, Stafford-shire. He received his education in Yorkshire and London, then entered his father's office to study civil engineering, and afterwards was articled to Sir Charles Barry, F.R.I.B.A. At the expiration of his term of fire years, he was elected student of the Royal Academy. He then Nvent to Belgium to measure and make drawings of St. Jacques Church, Leige, for Weale's Orrarlerl),. He afterwards

studied in Paris, Rome Venice and Munich, and travelled over Europe, Asia, and Egypt, perfecting him-self in his profession. He returned to England in 1848. Iii 185o he opened an office in London, and in 1552 he came to Canada and located in Brantford. He removed to Hamilton in 1853, where lie has resided ever since, and has designed and built many of the most ornate and substantial public and private buildings. For three years he was engineer for Wentworth Count-, and also employed by the Dormnion Government as inspecting architect at the Hamilton, London and Orangeville post offices, and other public buildings. Mr. Rastrick is an active and honorary member of various societies. He was P.G.S., G.L.C., Hon. Al. Acacia L. 66, A.F. &- A.AI., president of St. George's Society four years, president of the

Mechanics' Institute four years, past and rice-president S.O.E., and honorary member of Britannia Lodge S.O.E. He is now a member of the council of the Ontario Association of Architects, Toronto, appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor, and was instrumental in establishing the Public Library and Art School in Hamilton. Mr. Rastrick was married on the 21st of July, 1857, to Anna Mary, daughter of Capt. E. L. Stephens, R.N., of Southampton, Eng. He has four sons and one daughter living, the eldest being in partnership with him. Mr. Rastrick is esteemed for undoubted honesty and integrity.


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