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250   1IEt O C ANAI)A.

REV THOMAS McKEE, Barrie, Out.,

was born February 6th, 1831, in

Dlonaghan, Ireland. He is the son of Henry McKee, of the County of Monaghan, Ireland. He was educated at the public schools and private academy of his native place, and in the Normal School, Toronto, Knox College, and the University, Toronto, and afterwards studied medicine at Queen's College, Kingston. Air. McKee, after coming to Canada, taught school for eighteen years, after which he ceased teaching and turned his attention to preparing for the ministry. In 1871 he was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and became pastor of the church at Essa, succeeding the Rev. Dr. Fraser, who is so well known as one of the clerks of the General Assembly for many years. In 1881 he was appointed I11-spector of Schools for South Simcoe, and still preaches occasionally at mission stations in the Presbytery and elsewhere as his services are required. Mr. McKee was married in 1863 to Sarah Galt, daughter of the late James Galt Elwood, of Brockville, Out.


toNl'n, Ont., was born Jlarch 16th,

1835, at Cobourg. His parents were Simon and Martha McCamus Fennell, of Ireland. He received his education at the Cobourg public school and Victoria College. He then began his theological studies in Trinity University, Toronto. He was ordained deacon in October, 1873, and was ordainld priest in 1875. He then became a missionary at Grantham, Queenston and Virgil, remaining in the former field for fourteen years, and the two latter for four years. During these four years he built the Brock Memorial Church at Queenston. He also ministered for ten years to the churches of Homer and Dlerritton while in connection with Grantham. In 1887 he removed to Georgetown, where he became incumbent of St. George's Church, his present charge. Mr. Fennell is an old member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. He was twice married—first in 1874 to Martha Al. Cunningham, who died in 1877, and again in 1881 to Elizabeth Charlotte Jackson, of Berlin, formerly of Stratford.


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