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D.D., Archdeacon of Huron,
Chatham, Out., was born at
Ballymalion, County of Langford, Ire-
land, in the year 1815. His father,
Captain Sandys, was wounded during
an engagement and died when Francis
vas an infant. His mother's maiden
name was Grace Russell. The subject
of our sketch received his education in
Dublin, Ireland, raider Sidney Smith,
late Fellow of Trinity College, and
professor of Biblical Greek in the same.
Dr. Sandys was ordained in the year
iS45, and in the same year came to
Canada and settled at Chatham, where

lie has continuously resided for forty-six years. Although now in his 77th year, the doctor still holds the position of Rector and Archdeacon of Huron, and lives in the affection of his people, and it was through his instrumentality that Christ Church was builtin Chatham. Dr. Sandys was married November 16, iS62, to Miss E. A. B. Dloeran, daughter of Edward and 'Margaret Moeran, of Cork County, Ireland. The doctor has three sons and three daughters, namely, Grace, Francis Fd-ward, Lucy, Fanny, Edwin and Benjamin. His eldest son holds a high position oil the Canadian Pacific Railway-.


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