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Gore Street Jethodist Church,
Hamilton, was born in Era-
mosa tm unship, Wellington County,
Out., on the Sth of November, 184.
He received his education at the public
school of his native township, at Rock-
wood Academy, and at Victoria Univer-
sity, Cobourg. In iS66 he obtained a
first-class teacher's certificate, on which
he taught for two years. He was cou-
verted and joined the church in 1866
while engaged in teaching. Within
three weeks the church, recognizing his
gifts, gave him license to exhort, and
this was followed in three inonths with

a local preacher's license. He then j oined

the Wesleyan Methodist Conference oil

probation. After joining the Confer-

ence he preached for three years on the

following circuits : Alillbank, Berlin,

and Georgetown, then attended Victoria

University- for two years. In 1873 he

was ordained and appointed to the

charge of Sherbourue Street Methodist

Church, Toronto, which was then affili-

ated with Palm Street Church. Air.

Tovell has served the following charges

in their order : Millbaiik, Berlin, George-

town, and in Toronto, Slierbourne

Street, Wesley, Richmond and Berkley

Street churches, and in Peterborough,

George Street and Char-

lotte Street churches. From

the latter place he went to the First Methodist Church, St. Catharines, and from there to Gore Street Church, Hamilton. He is a most pleasing and forcible speaker, and m-hen roused completely, captures his hearers by his remark-able eloquence. He has held several denominational offices, such as chairman of District, secretary of Conference, member of Board of Examiners, and member of the Senate of the Weslevaii Theological College Alontreal. He was elected delegate to the General ConferenceiiiiSS6andi89o. While a resident of Toronto, he was appointed by the City Council for ten rears in succession on the Board of Examiners of the city schools. Mr. Tovell was married on the 20th May, 1874, to bliss Emma Watkins, of Hamilton, a graduate of the Weslevan Ladies' College.


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