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RICHARD BROWN, of the well-
known firm of Brown Brothers,
~ stationers and bookbinders,
Toronto, Out., was born at Newcastle-
on-Tyne, Eng., Alay 13th, 1834. He
and his brothers were the third genera-
tion following this branch of business,
as their father and grandfather were
engaged in the same trade in the old
land. Mr. Brown was educated at the
Royal Grammar School at his birth-
place as above, and came with his
parents to Toronto early in the year
1846, where Air. Brown's father com-
menced business as bookseller and book-
binder. Shortly after his son Richard

entered upon his apprenticeship, and served eight years at the same trade with the house of Thomas Alaclear.

,Early in 1856 Richard formed a partnership with his brothers, Thomas and John, and commenced doing business as stationers, account book manufacturers and bookbinders, under the name of Brown Bros. Owing to their energy and perseverance they soon took a leading position in the trade, from which they have never receeded, as their business will now compare favorably with any in the Dominion. For over a quarter of a century, in addition to their other business, they have been

the publishers of the Cana-

dian Pocket and Office

diaries, and extensive manu-

facturers of fancy leather

goods. Richard Brown is

now the sole surviving

member of the firm, Thomas

having died in 1867, and

John in 1882. 'Mr. Brown

is in religion a Methodist,

and has been a member of

that denomination for nearly

40 years, and is now con-

nected with Sherbourne

Street Church.   He has

held all the important posi-

tions in the church from

steward to superintendent

of the Sabbath School He

was married March 27th,

1861, to Elizabeth, daughter

of Dr. Slade Robinson, -%aho

came from England to this

country in 1831.   Mr.

Brown's life contains an in-

spiration, for it is readily

seen that his present promi-

nent position in business is

due to the industry, push

and honesty of purpose that

have marked his long and

successful business career.


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