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East Presbyterian Church, Toronto,

was born in Strathmore, Perthshire, Scotland. He received his preliminary education in Blairgowrie, Scotland, and was afterwards for a time in the Royal Engineers and Ordnance Survey, Scotland. He came to Canada in 184, and was bookkeeper for two years for a firm in Hamilton. He then took a course at the Normal School, Toronto, and afterwards tauglit for seven years. After this he entered Toronto University and studied theology in the United Presbyterian Hall under Professor Taylor, and afterwards finished his course in theology ill Knox College. He was ordained to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church in 1871, and has remained pastor of the same congregation for over twenty-one years. Mr. Cameron is an able pulpit preacher and a diligent pastor. He filled for sixteen years the position of secretary to the Upper Canada Bible Society, and was for some years secretary of the Foreign Mission committee of the Presby

terian Church. He was married October

I7th, 1861, to Miss J. Ewart, daughter of   WILLIAM B. COWAN, M.D., honleo-

Robert E«-art, of Edinburgh, Scotland.   pathic physician, Guelph, Ont., was

born on the 13t1i of March, 1840, at North Dumfries township, County of Waterloo. He AA-as educated at the public schools, and at the Galt Grammar School, and after-,yards began the study of medicine under Dr. Husband, of Galt, now of Hamilton. In 1863 he entered the Homeopathic College, New fork, and graduated in 1866. Returning to Canada, lie was licensed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and began the practice of his profession in Stratford. He then removed to Guelph, where he has practiced for twenty-five years. Dr. Cowan has been most successful in his profession, and has patented several medical and mechanical contrivances, by which he is widely known in Ontario. He is an elder of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, a member of the Board of Management, and deeply interested in the denomination. He is a member of the A.O.L'.W., C.O.F., Select Knights, and other organizations. In politics he is a Liberal. He was married on the 8th of August, 1871, to Effie, daughter of William Simpson, Guelph.

W11,I,IAM ]t. COWAN.



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