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MIEN 01' CANADA.   241

WILIAM THOMSON, lumber merchant,
Orillia, Out., was born in Peterboro
on the 14th of March, i86o. At sixteen he
entered the office of his father, and on his death
in 1881, at the age of 21 he became president
and general manager of `' The Longford Lumber
Company," which manufactures all kinds of
lumber and woodenware. The Longford mills
at Longford and woodenware factory at Orillia
enmploy about three hundred and fifty men. In
1886 Mr. Thomson bought the stock of " The
Rama Timber Transport Company," formed for
the carrying of saw-logs and timber from the
Black River to Lake St. John, and then over
a portage to Lake Couchiching, ,whence the logs
are towed to different mills, giving employment
to seventy-fire men during the summer months.
He was educated at Orillia High School and
Toronto Collegiate Institute. He is a member of
Orillia Presbyterian Church and on the Board
of Management. He was married in 1888 to
Miss Eva Haw, of Port Hope. Air. Thomson's
success is the result of his special adap-

   JOHN LEE, Highgate, Ontario, was born   tation to the requirements of a large

   on March 5th, 1845, in Orford town-   business.

ship, Kent County, Ont. He is the ollly son of John Lee, who came to Canada from Ireland in 1843. He was educated in the district school of the township of Orford, and has de-voted his life to agricultural pursuits, and is still living on the farm on which he was born. He was married in December, 1865, to Rebecca Attridge, of the County of Kent. He ,vas town-ship councillor of Orford for two years—1869 and 1870, deputy reeve in 1872, reeve from 1873 to 1878, and in 1875 was elected warden of Kent County, the youngest person who has ever occupied the chair. He has been justice of the Peace since 1873, and is associated with the Huron & Erie Loan & Savings Co. His present honorable position is due to his energy and strength of character. He is a pronounced Reformer, and has declined to be nominated for parliamentary honors, but while studiously avoiding publicity on all occasions, he has never refused to accept positions of trust when the welfare of the community required his services. In religion Mr. Lee is a member of the Methodist Church.





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