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Chesley, Ont., was born on
the 25th of Jannary, 1836, at
Smith's Falls. He is a son of Adam
Scott Elliott and Jeanette Halliday
Elliott. He «-as educated at the public
and High schools of Perth. In i86o
he moped to Chesley, where he has
remained since. He first engaged in
the milling business and afterwards in
general business. He is a pioneer
settler, being the second person to lire
in the place. He surveyed it, laid it
out, and sold the lots, so that he may
be truly said to be the fatlier of Chesley-.
He has been eery successful in bnsi-

iless and has accumulated considerable means. He was a member of Council for the township of Elderslie for a limit oer of years before Chesley- was incorporated, and reeve of the town six rears. He owlis a private bank in Chesley, and is still active in business. He has never failed to retain the esteem of the people by whom he has been so long and favorably known. Mr. Elliott was married June loth, 1863, to Mary, daughter of Charles Colville, of the township of Holland. He is a member of the Associate Re-form Presbyterian Church, and is treasurer of the saine.


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