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for South Brant, Brantford, Ont., was born in Hamilton on the 19th of September, 1839. He is the son of James and Martha Paterson, who came to Canada from Aberdeen, Scotland. His parents died in 1849, after which he was adopted by the Rev. Dr. Ferrier, of Caledonia, an old friend of his parents, with whottt lie lived until nearly fifteen years of age. He received his education at the schools of Hamilton and Caledonia, and his studies embraced, besides the ordinary branches, English, French, Latin and general classics. He then entered the estab

lishnlettt of Ignatius Cocksliutt, Brant-ford, where he remained nine rears, leaving it to enter business for himself in 1863, when he formed a partnership with H. B. Leeming, and began the manufacture of biscuits and confectionery. 1\1r. Leenting retired in 1876, leaving Mr. Paterson sole proprietor. The business is 11ow one of the most thriving industries in the Dominion. Mr. Paterson has led a busy public life. He was deputy reeve of Brantford from 1869 to 1871, mayor of Brantford ill 1872, elected member of the House of Commons for South Brant in 1872, and again ill 1874, in 1478, in 1852, in 1887,

and in i 591. Mr. Paterson

is a recognized champion of

the Reform party. His de-

bating ability is of the very

highest order, and he has

few equals in the House

of Commons as an eloquent,

pithy, and telling speaker.

Although he can be, and

often is, severe in his criti-

cism of opponents, there is

no ivalice ill his utterances.

The result is that, although

no other member of the Op-

position has more frequent-

ly, or more effectively as-

sailed, the Government of

Sir John Macdonald, lie has

the good will of all parties

ill the House, Conservatives

and Liberals alike. In re-

ligion 'Mr. Paterson is a

>   member of the Farringdon

Independent Church, and

one of the most popular

preachers of that body, but

his parents were strict

Presbyterians. He was inar-

ried on the loth of Septem-

ber, 1863, to Lucy Clive,

daughter of T. C. Davies, _—_-'   of Brantford township.


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