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JOHN JOSEPH VICKERS, Toronto, late proprietor of "Vickers' Express," and president of the Vickers' Express Con1-pany (Limited), was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 18iS. His father held a government position in the treasury department in Dublin for many years. Mr. Vickers received his education in Dublin, and, when a young man, entered the service of the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, where he remained several years. He sailed to America in 1849 and entered the servIce of the Howard Steamship Company ill New York city, where he remained for two years.   Haring

heard of the splendid agn-

cultural prospects of Canada,

lie determined to try farm-

ing, and accordingly moved

to the Bay of Uuinte dis-

trict, and settled on a farm

in Prince Edward County,

Ontario, but after following

the pursuit for one year, he

abandoned it and moved to

Toronto, and in 1852 en-

gaged with the American

Express Company with

Nvliom he remained two rears. Iii 1,954 the Northern Railway of Canada -was opened for traffic, and AIr. Vickers embarked ill the express business on Ills ONV11 account, continuing until 1588, when he sold the business to the American Ex-press Co. Since his settlement in Toronto, he has taken an active interest in all that concerns the citv's welfare. He -was elected alderman in 1564 and remained ill the council until 1S70. In 1S~5S he visited the bake Superior district

in the first steamer to Thunder Bay, and believing that the Kanlinistiquia River `Mould, in the future, be a great harbor, he purchased a large portion of the river frontage, and owing to the extension of the Canadian Pacific Rail-way, which now runs through the greater portion of it, he has a -\•cry valuable franchise. 'Mr. Vickers is captain in the Sedentary militia. In politics lie is a Conservative. He was married in 186 to Catherine 1\lary, eldest daughter of the late John W. Dunbar Moodie, the first sheriff of the County of Hastings, her mother being Susanna Aloodie, the eminent authoress.




























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