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of Evangelical Association

Church, Tavistock, Ont., was born August 15th 1832 in Wilmot township, Waterloo Count-. He was educated at the public school, aild obtained a second-class certificate, on which he taught six rears. He -was co11verted in 1553 and the church re-cognizing his gifts, called him to its miiiistry ill IS-57- In iS J9 he -was ordained deacon by Bishop bong, and in 1861 was ordained elder. After ordination lie travelled the following circuits

Haulburg,Waterloo, Buffalo, Hamilton. Hav, Colborne, Canlpden and York,

After this, for three years, lie was P. Elder of South District, but owing to ill-health, had to resign this and go back to the pastorate. He then served the church at Plattsville, Carrick, Colborne, Niagara, llildsnay, Hamilton again, and Tavistock, his present charge. He was treasurer of Conference for a number of rears, also treasurer of Missions. The churches at Mildmav, Carrick and Niagara Nvere built under his administration. He is a faithful pastor, and the -work of the church is prosperous under hii11. He was married October 24, 1854, to Miss 'Magdalena Wegenast, of Berlin, Ont.


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