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REV. EBENEZER WILKIE PANTON, Stratford, Out., -was

VII born July 15th, IS42, at Cupar-of-Fife, Scotland. His education

was commenced at the public schools of Toronto, and continued at Whitby and Oshawa High Schools, Toronto University, and Knox College. He graduated front Knox College in 1573. Previous to this he taught school for seven years. In I S73 he was licensed by the Presbytery of Ontario to preach, and the same near was ordained and inducted into Peel Street Church, Lindsay. In 1875, on the union of the Presbvterian churches, he (with Rey-.

J. A. Murray, of the old Kirk Church,) resigned his charge, in order to bring about practical union in that town. In 1S76 lie received a call to Bradford, which he accepted, remaining there nearly seven rears. In 1 SS3 he accepted a call to St. Andrew's Church, Stratford, -where he has since remained, and, under his pastorate, the congregation has greatly increased, and the membership of the church almost doubled. 'Ir. Pauton is treasurer of the Stratford Presbvterv, president of the Bible Society, also president of the Mechanics' Institute. He inarriecl Helen E. White, of Oshawa.


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