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HON. JAMES ROBERT. GOWAN, ,A I   LL.D., Q.C., Senator, Barrie,

Out., was born on the 3rd of December, iSi7, in Ireland. He received his early education in Ireland and finished ill Canada, whither his parents had emigrated in IS32. Upoll the completion of his educations, lie entered upon the stud- of law with the Hon. James E. Small, Toronto. He was called to the Bar in iS39, and then entered into partnership Nvith Mr. Small. Four years later he was appointed judge of the judicial district of Simcoe, the largest in Upper Canada. He had many hardships and dangers

to contend with in his pioneer work. In IS 15 Judge GoNvan was appointed one of the three judges iiecessary under " the Act for assimilating the Canadian law of probate and administration to that of England." He assisted in the consolidation of the Statutes of Canada in iS58 and iS59, in the consolidation of the Criminal Law in iS69, and in IS76 in the consolidation of the Statute Law of Ontario. In iS71 lie was appointed, Nvith four other gentlemen, a comiiiission to inquire into the constitution and jurisdiction of the several Courts of Law and Equity. In IS73 lie was oiie of the judges appointed on the Royal Commission in the we llkno\\-n matter of " The Canadian Pacific Railway Scandal." Senator Gowan retired from the Bench in iSS3, having occupied the judicial office over forty years. In iSS5 he was ap-

pointed by the Crown a Senator, Sir

John 'Macdonald being complimented

upon his choice by the press of - the

country.   Purity of purpose, entire

freedom from undue influence, and

an earnest desire to do justice, have

characterized him as Judge and Senator

during the whole of his long career.

He has been a conspicuous -worker

in the cause of education since 1843,

and for many years has been chair-

man of the Barrie Collegiate In-

stitute. Senator Gowan was married

in July, IS53, to Anna, daughter of

the late Rev. S. B. Ardagli, A. I.,

rector of Barrie.


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