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Charles joseph williams hamilton ontario., was born in that city on the

24th of June, 1543. He is the eldest son of J. M. NVilliants, Esq., Registrar of the city of Hamilton, who was also elected the first Reform member for the city at the time of Con-federation. Mr. Williams began his education at the private academy conducted by the well known Dr. Will. Tassie, who afterwards went to Galt. From Dr. Tassie's academy lie Nvettt to the Osborne school, and then finished his education at the

Central school at the age of eighteen.   After leaving

school he spent two years

as bookkeeper in his father's

office, and then went to the

United States for three

years, where he gained ex-

perience in mercantile life,

and held protttinent posi-

tions in Warsaw, New York,   . and Chicago. He theft re-

turned to Cattada, and was

taken into partnership with the Canadian Oil Company, his father having the chief interest in the same, and who is known as the discoverer of Petroleum oil itt Canada, and the first to ship and ntanufacttire the article in this country. The name of 'Ir. J. M. Williams can be found in the Geological Department at Washington as the discoverer of Crude Petroleum, the first consignment having been made to a business firm in New York city. The Canadian Oil Company has medals that no other company in this country have received for tttakiug the best illtuttinating and htbrieating oils. During an experience

of thirty-five years, not a single accident has occurred where " Williams' Safe Oil" has. been used, a fact that speaks volumes for the purity of the quality. Mr. Williams is in religion a Presbyterian, and has been manager and treasurer of Knox Church, the oldest in the city, for three years. He is now a member and trustee of McN ab Street Presbyterian Church. He is not a member of any of the many excellent societies, preferring the con-genial society of home. He was married on the 20th of September, 1, 71, to Sarah L., only daughter of J. C. Prout, Trov, N.Y.


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