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232   MEN OF canada

WILLIAM BUCK was born on
the 22nd of August, 1828, at
Ancaster, Ontario, and was married to
Alice Foster on the ist of October,
1856. His grandfather was a U. E.
Loyalist. In I S34 Mr. Buck moved to
Brantford and learned the business
which has now, under his enterprise
and perseverance, assumed such large
proportions. Working as a Journey-
mail for a time, he saved about one
thousand dollars, and at the age of
twenty-four he started a tin and stove
business, which, in 1858, was merged
into the foundry business, until now
his stoves and furnaces are well known

in every part of the Dominion of Canada. Mr. Buck is all earnest Baptist, and member of the Park Church, Brant-ford. In 1856 he united with the Brantford Baptist Church, then under the pastorate of the Reed. T. L. Davidson, D.D., minister of the only Baptist Church then in Brantford. At the Baptist Convention, held in St. Catharines in 1888, lie was appointed one of the governors of Alcllaster University. He leas for maim- years been a director of the Brantford Young Ladies' College, and also vice-president of the Board. Some years ago lie was appointed treasurer of the Baptist

Church Edifice Society for _   Ontario and Ouebec. He

has been one of the direc-

tors of the Royal Loan

Society front the beginning,

and has also occupied the

position of president of the

Board of Trade. He was

on the committee of the

Brant Alemorial, rnow erect-

ed ill Victoria Square in

the city of Brantford. The

i   foundry business of Mr.

~ Buck is no-w one of the largest establishments in Brantford, employing many workmen, and with every prospect of extension ill the years to come, as the pro-ducts of his establishment

! have already acquired a iiational reputation. A in, of strict honor and integrity, possessing the confidence of the entire community, and of all who come in contact with him, either in business affairs or in matters pertaining to the church or the state. Such men add greatly to the moral and business worth of any community.


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