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ME-N or CANADA.   23I


MLA., LL.B., Ph.D., Toronto,

was born in the township of North Monaghan, three miles from Peterboro', Oil Jnly 13th, 1842. His parents were both natives of Ireland. From his mother, a woman of great force of character, he has inherited the many qualities which has made him a power in the church. He was converted at the age of eleven, and then united with the Wesleyan 'Methodist Church. He received his education at Victoria College, Cobourg, McGill College, Montreal, and the Wesleyan Viliversity of Illinois, U.S. He was

licensed as a local preacher

at the age of seventeen, entered the niinistry before he was nineteen years old, and was ordained in Jape, i865. While doing the work of a heavy city appointment, lie studied law in McGill Colleg-e, and received the degree of B.C.L. in 1875, and in i 88 i he received the degree of LL.B. from Victoria College. He took the degree of Ph-N. in 1887, M.A. in 1859, and Ph.D. ill 1890. The course prescribed for the latter degree covered 36 different subjects and over 17,000 pages, and in addition two thesis. Mr. Galbraith has been delegate at five General Conferences, chairman of a district for eight years, was the last president of the Montreal Conference of the Methodist Church of Canada, and the first president of the _Mont-real Conference of the Methodist Church after the 11111011 in 1884. In addition to his pulpit duties, he takes

a deep interest in the educational work of the church, and has given substantial support to its various colleges. Dr. Galbraith is a popular preacher. His sermons are convincing, generally brilliant, and, when he is cWhiisea', are eloquent and powerful. As a man he is genial, humble and sympathetic, which well known qualities of heart have had much to do with his wonderful success in pastoral work. He has been twice married. His first wife was Hattie Howell, the only child of Isaac Reid Howell, of Jersevville ; his second wife is Kate, daughter of John Breden, of Kingston, Ont.


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