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James waLTER LYON, publisher, Guelph, Out., was born at Uniondale, Susquehanna County, Pa., U.S. A., on April 24, 1848. His father was Walter Lyon, and his mother's maiden name was Marie A. Giddings. He received his education at the district and select schools. At the age of nineteen he left home to canvass for books in Michigan, and at twenty-two he had made and saved ten thousand dollars. He was then taken into partnership by his employer, O. A. Browning, of Toledo, Ohio, and in IS72 they opened a branch of the business in Canada, which proved a great success. In IS74 he dis-

solved partnership with Mr. Browning and started business for himself, under the name of " The World Publishing Company." The title represents the business, as it has grown to be world-wide, and, like the British Empire, the sun never sets on their field of labor. Mr. Lyon has sent hundreds of

men to such countries as   ' South Africa, Hindoostan, West Indies, Mexico, South America, and has sent five hundred men to Australia alone. One local work issued in the latter country, en-titled " The Picturesque Atlas of Australia," has had a sale amounting to over three million of dollars. The Queen accepted the dedication of this work. Thirteen engravers from Tlic Cerrtuiy and Ha~~er's 11Irr~ rrzi'ne were sent to Australia to help prepare it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent upon this publication, and a marvel-

lous work produced. Among the books which Mr. Lyon has published and sold extensively in Canada are the following : " Kitto's History of the Bible,"

Polar and Tropical World," by Dr. Hartwig, " Wood's Bible Animals," " Royal Path of Life," " Store of the Bible," " Treasure of Song," Dr. Mauning's " Stock Doctor," " Practical Home Physician," etc., etc. He is at present very extensively engaged in publishing works in Spanish, which find a read• sale in Mexico, Central America, acid South America. He is a member of the Masonic body, and is an adherent of the Congregational Church.


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