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PETER DIERLAMM, artist, of
Stratford, Out., was born oil
the 25th of December, iSS1, at
Schoenberg, Germany, and carne to
Canada with his parents when three
years of age. He received his educa-
tion at the public schools, and took a
course of mental philosophy afterwards,
and received the title of S.S.D. After
leaving school he gave considerable
time to self-culture. Young Dierlamin
spent his boyhood on his father's farm,
but very early in life he gave evidence
of the great artistic skill which he
has since developed to such a remark-
able degree. When a boy of seven

he painted in water colors, aiid after-wards studied in oil colors, and under the best artists on the continent, continued to develop and perfect himself in this art, for which lie has such remarkable natural adaptation. For nine years lie conducted a photograph gallery in connection A\-ith an art studio, but abandoned it to devote himself wholly to portrait and landscape painting. He settled in Stratford in 1889, and has already established a provincial reputation as all artist. He belongs to the Evangelical Association, holding the offices of trustee, Sunday School superintendent, steward, etc.


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