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P.LENNON, St. Basil's
Roman Catholic Church, Brant-
ford, was born in 1846 in
Armagh, Ireland. He came with his
parents to America in 1848, and after a
few years the family came to Canada and
settled near Stratford, Ont. After ten
or twelve years they «vent to Minnesota,
in the Western States, leaving behind
Mr. Lennon in Canada to pursue his
studies. He passed the entrance exami-
nation to the Stratford High School at
eleven years of age, and for five years oc-
cupied a front rank both in classics and
mathematics. In 1864 he entered the
College of St. Sulpice, llontre-? where

he took the fall course of nine years in six. He then entered the Grand Seminar-, Montreal, to pre-pare for the priesthood by three years' study of theology. He was ordained priest by Bishop Walsh, of London, in 1873. After that he labored as curate in London, Atttlherstburg and Stratford, and then was transferred to the diocese of Hamilton, wliere lie became private secretary to Bishop Crinnon. He Avas then appointed assistant to the Venerable Dean O'Reilly, of Dundas, and at the saute time was protuttient ttt founding the House of Providence, which stow occupies

j the buildings formerly held by the Methodist Church. After three years of labor in Dundas, Father Lennon, oil account of his health, was ordered by his physician to visit Europe, and during his four months' absence, travelled in England, Ire-land, France, Germany and

Italy. Returning to Canada in good

health, he served for s!tort periods

in Caledonia, NValkerton and Arthur,

and in 1882 was removed to Brant-

ford, where he is still stationed. Here

he has given great evidence of his

energy and administrative talent in

completing and reducing the debt of St.

Basil's Church, one of the finest eccle-

siastical structures in Ontario. Father

Lennon is all able preacher and a dili-

gent priest, and while loyally devoted

to his church, is on friendly terms with

those who differ from him in religion.

While a loyal Canadian, he is still a

devoted son of his native country.



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