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STEWART, V.S., '_7_j Brantford, Ontario, was born March 10, 1S53, in the township of Alariposa, Victoria Comity, Ont. He began his education at public schools, and completed it at the Commercial College. He commenced practical life by learning the trade of a horse-shoer, for which he soon developed such rare skill and fine adaptation that his tithe was fully occupied in attending to the most important and difficult work in this line. His reputation and success soon warranted him in opening up business for bimself ill the city- of Brantford, where for years he has done a large and profitable trade. Mr. Stewart's ambition soon led hiin to take tip the study of veterinary surgery and medicine, which he pursued, while carrying on his business, with such determination and success that, in 1SS3, he graduated from the

Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, with first-class honors. He immediately entered upon the practice of his profession ill the city of Brantford, and from the start had a large practice, which has steadily increased. In the same year in which lie graduated, he was appointed Government Veterinary Inspector for the County of Brant. Dr. Stewart is also a registered member of the Veterinary and Medical Association of Ontario. For three years in succession—iSSS, iSS9, and iS9o—he was alderman for the cite of Brant-ford, and during the two last mentioned vears was chairman of the Committee

on Buildings and Grounds. During his presidency, and under his super-vision, the new Police Court was built. He was also the mover of the resolution, which was carried, offering the New England Company an annuity for the two hundred acres, known as Love-Joy's Grove, for the purposes of a park and cemetery for the city. In politics he is a Liberal. In religion he is a Baptist, and holds the office of deacon in the Park Baptist Church, Brantford. Dr. Stewart was married in Alarch, 1879, to Louisa Dimond, fourth daughter of Nicholas Dimond, builder and contractor, of Brantford.



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