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ThOMAS LEADEN GILLIES, of Port Dover, Ont., was born in March, iS30, in the town of Guelph, County of tiVellington. He was educated in the public school of Port Dover, and being anxious to equip him-self for business life, secured the most thorough education his surroundings and opportunities afforded. He spent a considerable period of his earlier life in Australia, but not finding that country quite congenial to his taste, he again went abroad and travelled over a large portion of the globe. He subsequently returned to this continent and located in Port Dover, and being desirous of

embarking in commercial life, he soon identified himself with the best interests of the community, and commenced a large business in lumbering and carriage making, in which he was very successful, retiring with a competency. Mr. Gillies «vas for many years reeve of Port Dover; in fact he has occupied nearly every civic position in the gift of the people, and is universally respected as a man of character and integrity. In politics he is a Re-former, and in religion a Presbyterian. He was married in zSSg to Sarah, second daughter of the late Abraham Masecar.


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