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Walter NICHOLL HOSSIE, Bursar Institution for the Blind, Brantford, iit., was born on December 9th, 1531, at Denny Loan Head, Stirlingshire, Scotland. His parents came to this country in 1533 and settled in the township of Moore, County of Lainbton. Mr. Hossie was educated at the Sarnia public school, and the Goderich Grammar School. On leaving school he served one season on board the " Olive Branch," another on the " Amherstburgh," and two seasons on the " Sinbad." In those days there were no railways in Canada, and while thus employed, he had the

opportunity of visiting all
   T   the leading cities along the water front from Ouebec


Nvest, a privilege greatly prized. In 1849 and 1SSo he was engaged clearing timber land, and in 1852 vas employed in a general store in Goderich. In iS58

i' he entered the sheriff's office at Stratford as clerk and deputy, and oil the separation of Peel from the

~'. County of York, he received the appointment of deputy sheriff, which office he held from 1867 to 1873, when he was appointed by the Ontario Government to his present position. In politics Mr. Hossie is a Liberal. In religion he is an active member and office-bearer of the Presbvterian Church. He united with the church in Goderich, was elected to the eldership in Brampton, and afterwards ill Zion Church, Brantford, which office he now holds. Mr. Hossie has been repeatedly representative at Pres-

byteries, Sy nods and General Assem-

blies, and also superintendent of the

Sabbath School. At Goderich, Strat-

ford and Brampton he was connected

with the Tract and Bible Societies, was

delegate to the International Sabbath

School Association at Chicago in 1SS7,

and Pittsburg in T89o, and in 1591

unanimously appointed president of

the Ontario Provincial Sabbath Schooi

Association. Mr. Hossie was married

in 1556 to Emeline Brace, again in

1567 to Sarah Gordon McWhinney,

and, in 1584, to his present wife,

Margaret Reid McCormack, of Cleve-

land, Ohio.


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