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Florence, County of Lambton, Out., son of the Rey-. Daniel Pomeroy, was born on the loth of July, 1849, ill the village of Newburgh, Out. He received his education—first at the Grammar School of Newburgh, and afterwards at Albert College, of «Bich the Rey. Dr. Carman, now General Superintendent of the Methodist Church, was

principal for many years.   j

Mr. Pomeroy made a public   j profession of his faith in

Christ at the early age of

tell years, and became a

licentiate and Sunda- School superintendent at the age of

sixteen. Ili i868 he was

received as a probationer ill

the Ontario Annual Con-

ference, and has continued

in the Methodist i11ii1istry

without cessation from that

time until the present, re-

ceiving every year flattering

certificates as to his accept-

ability and success ill the

work of the pastorate. During the t«-euty-three years of his ministry, he has been superintendent of twelve circuits in different parts of Ontario, and has been exceedingly successful in adding largely to the membership of the church, and also in erecting churches and parsonages ill many of the charges wliere he has been stationed. He is well knoNvii ill the denoinination and among his brethren for his ability in raising money for congregational and denominational purposes. Alr. Pomeroy is a thorough student, all able and fluent speaker, a thoroughly sound theologian, and inherits, to a large

extent, the well known force and energy of his father, who was recognized as one of the foremost preachers of his day in the deiiominatiou. As he is still in middle age, his «yell known attainments, studious habits, pulpit and pastoral ability will doubtless secure for him still more prominent positions in his church. He was married on the 5th of April, 187 I, to Sarah Alice Bird, of the towliship of Sidney. The secret of Mr. Pomeroy's power and success is due to the fact that «-bile yet in early youth he gave his heart to the Saviour, and built deep down oil the Rock of Ages.


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