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B.A., M.D., Barrie, Out., was
born in Barrie, October 3rd,
iS5o. He is a son of the late Robert
Ross, P.L.S., and Elizabeth Wallace,
who were among the first settlers of the
county. He received his primary- educa-
tion ill Barrie Grammar School, and in
1S7 i entered Toronto University, from
which he graduated ill 1874. After this
he entered Trinity Medical College and
graduated with honors in 1577, taking
the silver medal for general proficiency.
He was then appointed House Surgeon
in the Toronto General Hospital, where
he remained eighteen months, after

which he went to Europe and studied in the hospitals of Edinburgh and London. Iu iSSo he began practice ill Barrie, where he has had marked success, and is in the enjoyment of a large and lucrative practice. Dr. Ross tales an active part in municipal matters. He is a member of the Council, also of the School Board. He is also a member of the Masonic body, of the Independent Order of Foresters, of the Independent Order of Odd Fello-vs, of the Ancient Order United Workmen, and other fraternal organizations. In religion he is an Episcopalian, and in politics a Conservative.


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