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Stratford, Out., was born on

,.-" the 23rd of August, i855, in the township of Metcalf, County of Middlesex. He is descended from Scotch parentage, his parents being H.J. Leitch and Catherine McLattghlin natives of Scotland. Mr. Leitch was educated at the public school in Middlesex and the Collegiate Institute of Strathrov, Out. He afterwards entered McGill University and the Presbyterian College in Montreal, where he coinpleted his theological course. He was ordained by the Presbytery of Montreal in 1885, and became pastor of the Pres-

byterian Church at Valleyfield, Quebec, In 2889 he received a unanimous call to Knox Church, Elora, where he labored for over two years with unusual success. Says an Elora correspondent : " He is a fearless and out-spoken preacher ; an nnwearying visitor, and lives in the esteem of all classes here." In June, i89i, he received a call to Knox Church, Stratford, which he accepted, and has just entered upon his work there. Mr. Leitch is a member of the Order of I.O.O.F. He was married Jule 1411, i885, to Flora Stewart, daughter of A. C. -Alacdonnell, Williamstown, Glengarry County, Out.


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