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Brantford, Out., was born on
the loth of October, 1843, in
the township of Dunnvich, County of
Elgiii. He was educated first in the
public schools of his native section, and
afterwards in the Grammar schools of
London and St. Thomas. His parents,
Archibald and Flora Leitch, emigrated
from the Highlands of Scotland, Argyle-
shire, in 1842, and settled in the
wilds of Dunwich, West Agin, where
they set out at once to make a
home for themselves in what was
then a dense forest. It was here that
Mr. Leitch was raised under the severe

hardships and privations incident to a new and tuicleared country. In early youth he was employed upon his father's farm, and attended school in the log school house situated near his father's home as opportunity presented itself. His education was necessarily intermittent, sometimes two days in school and one out of school, attending to farm duties, in order to pay debts connected with the farm. NVith an ambition highly commendable, and characteristic of many Canadian youths, he applied himself to acquire such an education as would fit him for teaching, and thus qualified at the age of 18, lie began the teaching profession, and continued in it for fourteen years, eight years of which lie taught in his native section, and sit years in school section No. 8, Ali-caster. After this lie moved to Brantford and embarked in fire insurance, in which

calling, as in school teaching, great

success crowned his efforts. Through

energy and honest dealing lie soon

obtained the confidence of the public,

and before long made his way to the top

of the ladder among his fellow competi-

tors in the race for wealth and position.

Mr. Leitch holds a first-class Grade A.

Provincial Certificate. In religion his

views are in accord -\vith that of the Old

School or Primitive Baptists. In poli-

tics he is a Reformer, and also a justice

of the Peace for the County of Brant.

Mr. Leitch was inarried July 18, 1871,

to Martha Ann, daughter of Thomas

Shaver, of Aiicaster Townsliip.


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