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Rev. P. Wright, B.D.

Portage la

Prairie, Manitoba, was born at W' estruther, Berwickshire, Scotland, in 1839• He received his elementary education at the parish school of Ills native village. In 1859 he came to Canada, and for two years engaged in agricultural pursuits, having charge of a farm near Cobourg, Out. During this time he was prosecuting leis studies in private. On examination he obtained a teacher's certificate of the highest grade,

and for two years devoted

himself -\vith great success

to the teaching profession,   1 meanwhile preparing for matriculation in Toronto University. For three years

after this he was principal

of Norwood High School,

and for one rear principal   j of St. Mary's High School.

In these positions he was

eminently successful, and

received the highest testi-

niony as to his skill and

proficiency from the trustees, and especially from the late Professor Young, then Inspector of High Schools. But lie felt called to the ministry, and re-signing his position at St. Mary's, re-turned to Knot College, completed his theological studies in 1870, and in the same year was ordained and inducted as pastor of Erskine Presbyterian Church, Ingersoll. After being twice called to Chalmer's Church, Quebec, in February, 1875, he accepted the call and removed there. Three year's after this he accepted a call to Chalmer's Church, Montreal, where, in addition to his ministerial duties, he rendered

efficient service in the Presbvterian College. From 1\Iorttreal 1\Ir. Wright was translated to Knox Church, Stratford, where he labored most successfully for nine rears. In 1889 he accepted an urgent call to his present charge in Manitoba, where part of his family had already settled, and where his influence and missiotrary zeal are a tower of strength to the Presbyterian cause in that land. He was married in 1864 to Agnes McGregor, of Baltimore, Out. Mr. `'right is an intensely earnest, eloquent and evangelical preacher, and, as a pastor, diligent, tender and faithful.


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