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Rector of St. Mary's Cathedral,
Hamilton, (int., was born at
Lindsay, Out., on the Sth of December,
IS52. He received his education at
Lindsay separate school, St. Michael's
College, Toronto, St. Francis Seminar-,
Millwaukee, and the Grand Seminary,
Montreal. He took the Dowling medal
for literature at St. Michael's in the
class of IS77, and stood high in all his
classes and captured several prizes.
He was ordained priest on the 9th of
July, iSS2, and was then appointed
parish priest for Feneloii Falls, where
he remained five years. While in this

parish he had charge of several churches, scattered over a wide area, and did much travelling on horse-back, administering the comforts of religion to the people and accomplishing a heroic work. After this he was appointed rector of St. Peter's Cathedral, Peter-borough, and Chancellor of the Diocese. (fin May ist, i SS9, on the occasion of the translation of Bishop Dow-ling to Hamilton, it was arranged between the Bishop of Peterborough and the Bishop of Hamilton that he should be transferred to the


diocese of the latter, which arrangement was

subse- quently ratified at Rome,

and he obtained a new

titnlrrs for the diocese of

Hamilton. Soon after this

lie was appointed rector of

St. Mary's Cathedral, which

position he still holds ,N-ith

great acceptability. Father

McEvay has been very suc-

cessful, not only in the

spiritual work of the Church, but also in church building and repairing. `%line in Peterborough he abli carried out the Bishop's idea in erecting St. Joseph's Hospital and several other important improvements in connection ,N,ith the Church there. Since his arrival at Hamilton, he has been in labors abundant, supervising the erection of the magnificent new presbytery, St. Lawrence Church, and a beautiful mortuary chapel and vault at Rock Bay Cemetery, as well as extensive repairs to the Cathedral. His busy life contains the fullest evidence of his untiring efforts to promote the interests of his beloved church.


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