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JoSEPH TAIT, Esq., 'I.P.P., Toronto, -\\-as born on October 21st, 1539, in Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland. His father's name

- being- John Tait, and leis mother's maiden iiame'Miss Williamson Clarke. Kr. Tait was educated in the parish school of Kirkpatrick, Durham, Scot-land, and afterwards served his apprenticeship to a baker and worked for a time in Edinburgh, and in 1571 came to the United States. After remaining one `-ear in Pennsylvania, he came to Canada and settled in Toronto, where lie became manager of a baking establishment. After a time he bought out

the business, and has since carried it oil at the same place. He has been president of the Master Baker's Association for fire years, and is a member of the Methodist Church. He has been a local preacher for

mangy- rears, and also a

member of the last two

General Conferences. In

iSS9 lie was elected to the

City Council of Toronto as

1   alderman for St. John's

Ward, and ill i890 was

elected representative for

one of the divisions in

Toronto to the Ontario

Legislature.   In politics,

'Ir. Tait is a pronounced

Liberal, and a most effective

speaker on the platform,

rendering great service to

his party whenever called

upon in connection with

Dominion and Provincial

campaigns. He is a mem-

ber of the A.O.U.W., of the

Select Knights, a iiiember

of the Toronto Board of

Trade, and a director of the

Globe Printing Company-. As a member of the Local Legislature of Toronto high expectations are formed of 'Ir. Tait's future career. Ready in debate, fearless in expression, and possessed of a large amount of practical knowledge and sterling common sense, he cannot be but of great service to the province. 'Mr. Tait was married ill 1563 to 'Liss Lizzie McKie, of Dumfries, Scotland, who died in 1572. In 1576 he married leis second wife—Kiss Susie Stafford, of Eglinton, Out. He has one son living John Williamson Tait—by his first -wife, who is engaged with hiin in the large and lucrative business he has established.


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