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Toronto, was born

at Barton, Hamilton, Ont.,

May 5th, iSSo. He is the

son of the late Henry James

Welch, architect and con-

tractor, Toronto. He re-

ceived his education in the

public and model schools of

Toronto, and at an early

age became apprenticed to

W. C. Morrison, jeweller.

In 1569 he wernt to New

York city and spent two

years as jourrnevman «6th

Chatelier & Spence, leading manufacturing jewellers on Broadway. In 1572 he re-

turned to Toronto and be-

came a manufacturer for

manv of the leading whole-

sale jewellers. In 1579 lie

entered into partnership

with E. '.\I. Trowern, which partnership continued for

six years, during which

time they entered more

fully into the retail busi-

ness. In i890 he took into partnership R. T. Blach-

ford, the firm being known

as Welch cCC Blachford, manufacturing jewellers, watchmakers, diamond setters, etc., at 171 Yonge street, making a specialty of society presentation jewels, emblems, badges, etc. He has been most successful in fine artistic work, and has been awarded silver and bronze medals at the various expositions, and also five first prizes for fine artistic jewellery. Mr. Welch is a member of Park-dale Methodist Church, and has been for many years superintendent of the Sunday School, class leader and local preacher, and is most abundant in his labors in behalf of the denomination. He is also a member of the

Masonic brotherhood, District Deputy Grand Master of the Canadian Order of Odd Fellows, and `'ice Chief Ranger of the Canadian Order of Foresters, and a member of the Knights of Honor. He is a phrenologist of extra-ordinary power, and has in his possession many certificates as to his marvelous abilities in this science, from many of the leading citizens of Toronto. He gives lectures on this interesting science as often as his extensive business relations will allow. In 1870 Mr. Welch was married to Miss Amelia Henning, daughter of the late Robert Henning, Toronto.




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