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2 04   MEN OF' CANADA.


S.G. TREBLE, Hamilton's leading mer-

chant in gentlemen's furnishings, was

born in 1854. His business is one that re-quires enterprise and ability to successfully con-duct. No man in the city of Hamilton meets these requirements in a higher degree than Air. Treble. His store is located on the corner of King and James streets. The business was established in 1873, and has met «ith tilivarying success since its inception, oNving to the enterprise of' the proprietor and the uniform excellence of his goods. He imports direct from the leading manufacturers, and keeps abreast with the latest and most fashionable novelties. The premises occupied by Mr. Treble are 40x56 feet and three stories high, and it takes thirty-five hands to meet the requirements of his extensive trade. He is a Canadian, a gentleman who thoroughly understands the details of his business, affable in manner and very popular with the public. This enterprising house is connected nvith the Dominion Shirt Factory and the Hamilton Tie AIantifacturin- Co At the Industrial Exposi-

tion of Toronto in 1883, Mr. Treble r   l%~ • GEO. HENRY KEN N EI , Aline-

obtained the silver medal.   sing, Sinlcoe County-, Out., was born in

the township of Trafalgar, Halton County, Out., on the 2nd of July, 1833. He was educated at the Oakville Grammar School, and completed his theological education at the New York Conference S2niinary. Before going to the Seminary, he taught public school for two years in Canada, and after leaning the Seminary ill 1851, was appointed Principal of Hobart Seminary, and of Plattsville Academy in 1858. He returned to Canada in 1859, and in February, i86o, was sent by the Rev. R. Jones to supply the Grand River Mission of the Wesleyan Methodist Church until the meeting of the Conference. At the Conference of i86o lie nn•as received as a probationer for the regular ministry of the Methodist Church, and ordained at the Conference of 1864. He was married on the 28th of June, iS64, to Lydia, daughter of F. McCullough, Esq., of Navan, and sister of the late Rees. Williain and Jas. B. McCullough. Both are now dead. Mr. Kenney was secretary of the Ottawa District in 1870, and financial secretary of the Algoma District in 1877.


S. G. "r IL I;BI, L;.


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