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Aurora, Ont., was born on the 31st of

October, 1832, in Dublin, Ireland. He was educated in Dublin and at the High School, Navan, County of Meath. He began the study of medicine in 1849 as an apprentice with Sir George Owens, M.D., of Dublin, and came to Canada in 1856. He was licensed by the Government Medical Board of Ontario in 1857, and immediately afterwards began the practice of his profession at Laskay, King town-ship, fork County. He remained there for one year, and then removed to Spring Hill (King Station), where he remained another year. In 1858 he removed to Aurora, where he has enjoyed, for the last thirty-three years, a very extensive practice. In 1872, on the restoration of Trinity Medical College, he was one of the first to join, and took his degree from there. Dr. Hillary is a member of the English Church, is a Conservative in politics, and a member of the Masonic Brotherhood. He was married on the

2nd of January, 1861, to Annie, daughter

   PHILLIP JAS. BRI;N N AN , parish   of the late Colonel Fry, of Aurora, for-

   priest of St. Mary's, Out., was born on   merl}- of Boyle, Ireland.

the 31st of January, 1841, at Alooncoin, County Kilkenny, Ireland, and was educated at the National Schools in Ireland, and St. John's College, Waterford. Coming to Canada in 1867, he entered the Grand Seminary, DIontreal, and completed his theological education there in 1868. He was ordained priest the same year by the Right Rev. John Walsh (now Archbishop of Toronto), and was appointed as assistant to the Bishop (in London) for six months. He was then assigned to Mount Carmel, where he labored ten years, doing hard pioneer work for the Church. He built a new church at Centralia, a priest's house at Alount Carmel, and established a separate school, during his residence there. When he left it in 1878 it was a self-supporting parish. He was then appoointed to St. Mary's, where he has ever since remained, the faithful pastor of an attached people. Father Brennan is not only popular among his own flock, but respected by all classes. His past work stands as a monument of his deep interest in the church 11e lo~-es so well.

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