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EDWIN THOMAS CAMPBELL, mechanical dentist, Toronto, was born in that


city- on the 17th of September, 186.

He is the son of George Campbell. He was educated at the Toronto Model School, and in i88o began the study- of mechanical dentistry in the office of J. B. How. Since that time he has given his attention to the higher grades of this line of dentistry°. In 1888 he opened a Public Dental Laboratory= to meet the wants of the profession, the better class of which have duly appreciated his efforts to advance this particular branch of the business, as lie now receives work from not only- Ontario, but throughout the Dominion. So far as known it is the only institution of its kind in Canada that manufactures gold, rubber, celluloid and aluminum plates, gold and porcelain crowns, bridge work, and the various appliances for regulating the malformation of the teeth. Mr. Campbell has already acquired an extensive business, which is daily increasing as his laboratory- becomes more widely known He was married on the 1-7th of

September, 1889, to Edith Macklin, ~~EVERLEY ZEY AHLNER, M.D., C.M.,

daughter of John Macklin, of Toronto.   M.C.P.S.O., Toronto, Out., was born

at Stratford on the 22nd of August, 186;. He is the second son of the Rev. Jonathan Milner, Methodist clergyman, Toronto. Dr. Milner is a graduate of Trinity University-, Toronto. His primary education was received at the various places where his father was stationed, and at Woodstock and Barrie High Schools. He began the study of medicine in 1884 in Trinity Medical College, Toronto, and after graduating, he proceeded to New York city and took a post-graduate course at the Polyclinic Hospital, in order to be thoroughly equipped. Returning to Canada he began the practice of his profession in Toronto in 1889, where he is fast gaining a reputation for himself as a skillful and successful practitioner. With his thorough course of study, both in Canada and the United States, and diligent prosecution of his profession, he has, like many others in the rapidly extending city of Toronto, an auspicious future before him. Dr. 3Iilner is a member of the Independent Order of Foresters, and also of the Ancient Order of United 'Workmen.

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