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Ont., was born January 12th,
1843, at Holmfirth, Yorkshire,
Eng. His parents emigrated to Canada
AN-hen he was only eighteen months old,
and settled in Markham, York County.
Here, at the public schools, Air. Ellis
received his education, and afterwards
learned the business of printing. In
1861 he removed to Ancaster, where he
learned the business of manufacturing
woollen goods. For the past eleven
tears he has been successfully engaged
in the manufacture of knitted goods at
Port Dover, where he owns a large
mill, giving employment to one hun-

dred hands. He is in religion a Methodist, and has held most of the offices in the gift of the church open to laymen. He has been class leader, recording steward, local preacher, delegate to annual conferences, and was delegate to the General Conferences of 1336 and 18go. In politics lie is a Reformer, and was the Reform candidate for South Norfolk for Dominion Parliament in the election of 1891. He was for several years a member of the Municipal Council of Port Dover, both as Councillor and Reeve. Mr. Ellis was married in 1864 to Mary Smith, Ancaster, Ontario.


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