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the Methodist Church, Port
Colborne, Ont., was born in
the tear 1847 at Oldham, Eng. He
left England and came to Canada in
.SSo, and was appointed successively
to London for two years, Charing Cross
for two years, Courtland for three
years, Drumbo for one year, and to
Port Colborne for three years. In all
these places the congregations greatly
increased under Mr. Tavlor's charge,
and leis removal from Port Colborne,
the sphere of his present ministry, to
Fouthill, is very deeply regretted by
au attached people. He received his

education at St. Domingo Strecc ocilooi in Oldham, of which the Rev. J. Jackson Wray was principal, and his theological training for the Methodist ministry in connection with the Primitive Methodist Church, in England, and tinder the guidance of the Revs. AV. Antliff, D.D., and James Gamer. He has six brothers in England and one in the United States, who are all actively engaged ill mercantile life. His father is also still alive. Mr. Taylor, has a promising future before hint in the church to which he has consecrated leis talents and abilities. He was married ill iS69 to Miss `Wild, of Oldham, Eng.


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