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O.C., D.C.L., of Snmmerhill, in

the township of York, was born at Stonehouse, Devon, Eng., on the 29th of November, 182o. He arrived in Toronto with his parents in 1833, and entered Upper Canada College the same year, leaving it in 1838, after a successful career, during which, amongst other numerous prizes, he carried off the prize poem for 1837. In August, 1838, he entered the Upper Canada Law Society, and served five years under articles with the late Chief Justice Draper, and was called to the Bar in Hilary Term, 1844. In 1843 he entered the University of

King's College, Toronto,

and matriculating in Arts,

passed on to law, and took

the degrees of B.C.L. and

D.C.L. respectively, the

latter in 1832. He is a life

member of the senate of

Toronto University, and

has occupied the positions

of Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor in that in-

stitution. He has been con-

nected with several pronli-

rent legal firms, and is at present the senior partner in that of Smith, Rae & Greer, and has been for many years a Beecher of the Law Society. He took all active part in the militia during the Rebellion of 1837, serving in the active force for a time until quiet was restored, and retired as senior major of the 6th Battalion of Toronto Militia soon after the Trent eYciteiilent had subsided, having previously qualified himself bN- passing through the 1lilitary School at Toronto.

He has occupied, and still occupies, many important positions in public life, as president, vice-president, and director of numerous companies, besides being connected with many important public trusts. In 1876 he acted as chairman of the Royal Commission to investigate certain charges in connection with the Northern Railway. '.Mr. Smith is a Reformer, but has never taken any prominent part in politics. In religion he is a member of the Church of England. He has been twice married and has ten children still living. He possesses great business capacity, and has a wonderful grasp of public affairs.


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