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rector of St. Peter's Cathedral
and chancellor of the Lon-
don diocese, was born in May, 1846,
two miles front Essex Centre. His
father, James Tiernan, emigrated to the
United States in 1830, and, after resid-
ing three years in New York, went to
Kent, in Ohio, where lie became ac-
quainted with '.Miss Ward, to whom he
was married in 1834. The same year
they removed to Detroit, and ill 1835
carne to Canada, where he purchased
one hundred acres of land in Essex
County, and subsequently became
owner of three hundred acres. During

the Rebellion of 1837 he was forced to leave his family and went to the front, serving with the rank of sergeant until the close of the rebellion. His wife still lives on the old homestead at the advanced age of eighty-two. Father Tiernan remained on his father's farm until he was seventeen years of age, and after receiving his early education in the parish school, obtained a first-class certificate. After teaching six months he entered in 1863 St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pa., U.S.A., to study for the priesthood. He remained there four years, and then, on account of his health, he went to the Seminary of Our

Lady of Angels at Niagara

Falls. From this institu-

tion he graduated in 1869,

and on December 19th,

1875, was ordained priest in

the old Cathedral of London,

Ontario, by His Lordship

Bishop Walsh, now Arch-

bishop of Toronto, and in

six weeks from that day

was made chancellor of the

diocese. For five years he

was secretary to His Lord-


ship   Bishop   Walsh,   and


when the erection of the


new magnificent cathedral


was commenced, the finan-


cial transactions were placed


in his hands.   In less than


five years the cathedral was


practically   completed   and


dedicated for service.   The


sunl of 5150,000 has already


been expended upon it, but


when   the design   is com-


pleted, it will cost not less


than $i8o,000.   The success


of this undertaking is main-


ly due to the ability and per-


severanceof Father Tiernan,


who spared no pains to make


it a credit to the Forest City.














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