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Toronto, Out., was born on
September 27th, 1886, at Bar-
badoes, Nest Indies. His parents were
originally from Northamptonshire, Eng.
He was educated in Cheltenham Col-
lege, Eng., and in the Royal Military
College, Eug. He served as an officer
in Her Majesty's service—16th Foot
R.C.R. Regiment and Army Service
Corps. After coming to Canada he
studied law ill the office of Alessrs.
Bethune, Osler & Moss, Toronto. In
iS87 he received the appointment of
Examiner and Lecturer in the old Law
School, Toronto, and in iSgo he received

that of Lecturer in the new Law School there, which is an evidence that he is thoroughly competent for this important position, and that his valuable services rendered in the past are appreciated. Mr. Drayton teas Alderman for the Ward of St. Thomas in'Ioronto for three years. While in the Cite Council he was chairman of the Board of Health, for which position he had special adaptations and filled with credit to himself and the city. He was married in the year 1868 to Miss Covernton, daughter of C. W. Covernton, late chairman of the Provincial Board of Health.


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