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toWil, Out., -,vas born in Bin-
brook township, Wentworth
County, -May iSth, I S46. He received
his education at the public schools of
his oWn county. At the age of nine-
teen rears he obtained a second-class
certificate, oil wliich he taught three
rears. In 1870 lie entered the ministry
of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
and was ordained in iS75. Since that
time lie has occupied the following
circuits : Blenheim, Walsingham, Nan-
ticoke, Staulev, Brussels, Caliboro,
Port Robinson, Rockford, and Taplev-
town, his present charge, where he has

been two years and returned for the third. The work on each circuit Mr. Ecker has occupied has prospered raider his faithful ministration. AN'hile unostentatious in his manner, he is doing quiet, effectual work for the Church of God. In the truest sense of the word, he is a self-made man, having attained his present position by hard Nvork and indomitable perseverance. Mr. Ecker is a member of the Ancient Order United Workmen. He was married August 14, 1572, to Laura IT., daughter of Rev. David Williams, who died on April 21st, 1S9o, leaving two daughters.


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